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Soil Testing

Soil analysis is a valuable tool to determine the inputs required for efficient and economic production. A proper soil test will help ensure the application of enough fertilizer to meet the requirements of the crop while taking advantage of the nutrients already present in the soil. It will also allow you to determine lime requirements and can be used to diagnose problem areas. Determining the pH and fertility level through a soil test is the first step in planning a sound nutrient management program.

KIAAR has the facilities to analyze soil and plant samples.

  • Soil testing parameters like pH, EC, OC, N, P, K, Fe, Zn are analyzed.
  • 3000 soil samples of farmers analyzed per year.
  • Customized recommendations to farmers based on soil test results.

Studies conducted on Soil Spatial Variability Assessment for Site Specific Nutrient Management in Sugarcane

Soil Spatial Variability Maps of the area

Studies Soil Spatial Variability Assessment revealed that majority of the soils was alkaline in nature, low in Nitrogen, medium in Phosphorus and high in Potassium.