Energy cane is a sugarcane hybrid with more yield, more fibre and less sugars in juice. Energy cane can be cultivated in resource poor environments (marginal lands). KIAAR has identified the most suitable energy cane genotype suited to Sameerwadi region.

KIAAR is now engaged in developing Best Management Practices for the cultivation of energy cane under different levels of water and nutrient levels. Significantly higher cane yield was recorded in 80% ET level of irrigation (176.40 t/ha) as compared to 40 and 60 % ET levels of irrigation (163.56 and 172.79 t/ha). Application of 500: 100: 500 kg NPK / ha recorded significantly higher cane yield (178.44 t/ha) as compared to application of 100: 0: 100 kg NPK / ha (159.53 t/ha)