• Identification of QTLs linked to aflatoxin contamination resistance in groundnut DST funded Project sanctioned under Women Scientist Scheme-A Scheme
  • Characterization and evaluation of microbial dynamics of organic liquid manures such as Panchagavya, Jeevamrutha, Beejamrutha, and Jaivik formulations and their impact on regenerative crop production
  • Assessing the potential of sugarcane microbiome in plant growth promotion
  • Exploration and assessment of rhizosphere microbial diversity of sugarcane ecosystem
  • To evaluate Sweet Sorghum varieties as an alternative crop for Sugarcane
    Eight sweet sorghum varieties, CSV 1955, CSV 2455, ICSV 93046, IS 18942-1, CSH 2255, RVICSSH 28, Phule Vasundhara and SSV-74 were selected to determine their suitability to Industry.
  • To explore the potential of Sugarbeet for sugar production with an objective of supplementing cane as a raw material
    Research is being carried out to determine the production potential of sugarbeet as a sole and intercrop in sugarcane
  • Evaluation of performance of turmeric genotypes for high curcumin content and productivity for the benefit of farmers and the industry
    Turmeric is the second most important commercial crop of the region next to sugarcane. Promising turmeric genotypes with high curcumin content and yield released from different parts of the country are being procured and evaluated for their performance and adoptability in the region to exploit their potential and diversification of genetic resources.