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Organic Farming

Organic farming is an agriculture that makes healthy food, healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy environments along with crop productivity. Organic farming involves the use biological fertilizer inputs and crop rotation to improve the soil quality and build soil organic matter.

KIAAR has conducted trials in organic farming

Demonstration of Organic Farming Technologies in Sugarcane

Application of 25 tons FYM/ha + 2.5 tons/ha Vermi compost + 5 tons/ha Bhumilabh + Green manure + biofertilzers (PSB and Azospirillum 10 kg/ha each) + Jeevamruth (1500 ltrs/ha) was on par with the recommended Integrated Nutrient Management practices in plant crop.

Studies on Sustainable Organic Sugarcane Production in Pre seasonal Planting

Organic Inputs like Bhumilabh, Vermicompost, Panchagavya, Jeevamruth, Panchamruth along with biofertilizers such as Azospirillum brasilense10 kg/ha and PSB culture (Bacillius megaterium) 10 kg/ha were used in the experiments to assess the effects of organic inputs on the yield and quality of sugarcane. Higher cane yield of 125.91 t/ha and CCS yield of 18.18 t/ha was obtained in organically grown sugarcane as compared to Conventional sugarcane cultivation using recommended levels of manures and chemical fertilizers (Cane yield of 108.45 and CCS yield of 15.77 t/ha)

The results of the experiments indicated that there is a possibility of producing sugarcane by using only organic manures like Bhumilabh, vermi compost, biofertilizers, traditional formulations of liquid organic manures such as Panchagavya, Jeevamruth and Panchamruth all of which have synergistic effects on soil health and sugarcane productivity.

Composition of three liquid organic formulations used in the study

Panchamrutha Panchagavya Jeevamrutha
Component Quantity Component Quantity Component Quantity
Cow dung 10 kg Cow dung 5 kg Cow dung 5 kg
Cow urine 10 lit Cow urine 3 lit Cow urine 5 lit
Cow milk 2 lit Cow milk 2 lit Jaggery 2 kg
Cow curd 2 lit Cow curd 2 lit Pulse flour 2 kg
Rotten banana 12 Cow ghee 1 kg Bund soil 1 kg
    Coconut water 3 lit    
    Rotten banana 12    
Volume made to 200 litres with water Volume made to 200 litres with water Volume made to 200 litres with water